Solutions for the paper industry


Unidad Extensible CLUPAK Superior

The extensible unit CLUPAK, whose manufacturing license worldwide is exclusive of Basalan is used in paper machines – mainly for packaging, bags, sacks and labels – in order to control the energy tension absorption, obtain stretching MD of paper up to 15% and eliminating tears in the final product.

The stretching is made by compacting the paper, which takes place when it goes through a rubber blanquet, acted by the nip bar and steam heated dryer cylinder, independently of the working speed and the sections of the machine.

The main parts of the extensible unit CLUPAK are:

  • Chromium plated dryer cylinder heated by steam to enable the slipping of the paper.
  • Endless rubber blanket with its circuit of guide and stretcher rolls.
  • Non-rotating nip bar with an approaching and separating pneumatic system.
  • Blanket rectifier: Accessory Unit to give roughness to the blanket.

The nip bar is pressed against the dryer cylinder to make contact. (which is less thick than the blanket) The retraction action happens here. The endless blanket is used so that this action is continuous.

Distance Blanket grinder by remote control

  • Cooling and lubricating showers.
  • Speed: 1.200 mts/min
  • Maximum sheet Width: 7.500 mm.
  • Longitudinal stretch for paper: up to 17%
  • Top Clupak or Reversed Clupak (where needed)
  • Elimination of tear in the finished product
  • Blanket grinding remotely controlled
  • Easy maintenance