Solutions for the paper industry


The new construction POPE REELERS are manufactured integrating their own spools. If the customer would like to use the existing ones, the reeler is manufactured according to their dimensions.
The Poper Reelers have the following characteristics:
Pneumatic or hydraulic winder

  • Strong drum, refrigerated with water
  • Grooved surface drum (where needed)
  • Pulley for rope carrier (where needed)
  • Oscillating doctor (where needed)
  • Automatic sheet transferring(by air)
  • Spreader roll at the entrance
  • Accelerating agent for the empty paper cores
  • Hydraulic control of the NIP winder
  • Inertia brake
  • Weight system of the finished reels
  • Sectional drive, integrated with the other paper machine drive system

Work Speed: 1500 m/min
Reel diameter: Ø 3500 mm.
Reel width: 6000 mm.
Perfect synchronization of primary jibs
Drum reel-up: Up to 10 Ton.
Reel weight: Up to 60 Ton.

NIP Pressure: Load application with proportional valves for the hydraulic cylinders and mechanic friction.
Sheet tension
P.L.C. Command
Tools for different paper types and qualities
Paper core automatic load
Automatic change of reels
Reel carousel
Complete pre-assembling in our facilities. Prewired and tested before delivery.
Reel toughness uniformity
No wrinkles or superficial folds.
Economic Efficiency: paper waste decrease
Easy maintenance
Quick installation