Solutions for the paper industry


With our exclusive BTT system (Basalan Tecnology Tolosa), the headbox is a construction unit with three elements:

  • The BTT central-attenuator distributor
  • The BTT forming unit
  • The dilution water system

The function of this unit is the uniform distribution and suspension of the fibre both crosswise and lengthwise. The deviation and waste analysis gives a measure of the quality of the sheet formation system, whose opacity will depend on the material refining degree and, to a large extent, on the head box dilution.

The key of the BTT system is the central distributor, because as it is structurally incorporated to the head box in a forming unit, it achieves the uniform distribution of the pulp in the whole extension, the tap cushioning, and a perfect basis weight profile control, which allows not only to improve the quality of the finished product but also to avoid the unnecessary and early machinery wear.

The determining factor of the headbox is the parallel cut to obtain paper homogenously structured all over the width, which can be measured by TSO. Sophisticated temperature controls for the lower and upper structures are not required any longer because of the symmetrical structure. Operating with automatic valves makes the use much easier.

The incorporation of Basalan BTT system improves considerably the machine performance, with the resulting saving. Definitively, it is a recouping investment and the results, regarding the product quality improvement, are shown immediately.

The BTT headbox system is compatible with other headboxes.