Solutions for the paper industry




The Central distributor of the headbox designed by BASALAN provides an even distribution of the fibre in suspension which reaches evenly and simultaneously the width of the machine because the flow of the main pump is divided into identical partial flows for width sections equivalent to the formation unit. Its symmetry allows the perfect pulp distribution with any duty.

As a second characteristic, the distributor ensures the absorbing of hydraulic pulsation by energy dissipation. The absorption of pulsation, similar to noise mitigation, is produced due to the perforated plaque and the air shock-absorber. The pulsations in a range of 2 Hz-100 Hz are reduced in a ratio of at least 1.10.

Its third function is the profile control by dilution water jet as well as local post dilution. This product ensures regular weight profiles and jet speed on the whole width of the machine allowing the control of fibre orientation.

The distributor is connected to the forming unit of the entrance box by means of flexible hoses of the same length, which permits to lead the pulp progressively in the operation sense. It completely eliminates any mechanical vibrations and the pulp is distributed homogeneously, whatever may be the width of the machine or the amount of dilution water added inside every flexible hose, because the opening of the slice lips is identical in the whole width and the jet speed is regular.

  • It absorbs hydraulic pulsation of head circuit.
  • It distributes pulp flow throughout the width of the machine.
  • It obtains a good transversal profile independently from machine width and flow.
  • Transversal profile of fibre orientation TSO with a small angle deviation.