Solutions for the paper industry


The rewinders built by BASALAN are equipped with a solid and robust construction which guarantees the stability in the sheet leading. Owing to this, great results are obtained in the sheet cut as well as in the reel winding, even at high speed.
The main characteristic are:

  • Sheet introduction and leading system, by air
  • Entrance roll
  • Tension measurer Roll
  • Sheet unfolding system, before sheeting
  • Sheeting position, tangential or surrounded
  • Selvage suction and leading
  • Doctor position in automatic or manual mode
  • Sheet unfolding system, after sheeting
  • Sheet cross cutting
  • Carrier Press
  • Automatic distribution control of the carrier press load
  • Rider roll
  • Automatic relief control of the rider roll
  • Reel expulsion system
  • Cardboard Paper core load and feeding system
  • Spindle system with relief
  • Reel evacuation system with protection screen
  • Bimotor drive
  • Aptitude for different paper types and qualities.
  • Easy functioning. Automatic or semi-automatic work cycles. Control and supervision by automaton.
  • Complete Pre-assembly in our facilities. Pre-wired and tested before delivery.
  • Quickly installation.
  • “CE” Certificate
  • Documentation and training courses